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Sweet Bites 5!

Macarons Hey Guys, this is Ella B with a Sweet Bite for you! So, I think it’s no surprise that French pastries are some of my favorite desserts to look at, to eat; expect a lot of those from me. I don’t discriminate against desserts, but today, I’ll be talking about my absolute FAVORITE FrenchContinue reading “Sweet Bites 5!”

Be More Chill. (Seriously.)

Burnout culture is toxic and honestly I think there needs to be some public declaration to STOP IT, because there’s literally numerous reports in Japan of people working themselves to death.

Sweet Bites 4!

Pavlova Hey Guys, this is Ella B with a Sweet Bite for you! I can finally share a sweet that I crossed off my bucket list! It’s the first of more to come hopefully, but the sweet bite I want to share with you guys is a dessert called Pavlova. This one has been onContinue reading “Sweet Bites 4!”

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1 Cor 16:14
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